Born in excitement and anticipation, this blog will tell some stories of our travels in October 2017.  Our Big Trip (as it has been termed through months of planning) begins when we leave our home in England and embark for Cape Town.  From there we head to Sydney and, after a quick hop to Christchurch, spend two weeks exploring the South and North Islands of New Zealand, before heading to Pasadena, California on our way home.

Less a travelogue, more a collection of anecdotal experiences.  The identities of the main protagonists, secondary characters, or ensemble may be disguised to protect them from unwanted exposure – unless they are actively seeking notoriety, in which case they will be named and famed!

Along the way, there may be other musings; perhaps prompted by my other interests, which, in no particular order might look something like this:

Family; two dogs;  making pots; singing; writing; walking (said dogs); cooking (for said family); reading; “butterflying” between several activities and none.  There may be additions to this list.