Setting the Bar High

If I’m to believe my Lonely Planet guides and my internet research (not to mention the many recommendations from friends and people I don’t even really know), our travels will deliver all sorts of spectacular sights and sounds. There will be vistas of magnificence and experiences which will be lent a special magic, because of their ‘difference’ to our ‘normal’. So my regular walk in the Park today was a timely reminder (if one were needed) of how wonderful the ‘normal’ is.

The late afternoon sun had that early Autumn mellowness and the majestic chestnut trees bore their bright green prickly trophies aloft, as if they know that they will soon be snatched by the Winter frosts. Underneath them, this year’s young deer herd – little, doe-eyed Bambi’s that make a chirruping sound as they graze the still-lush grass. I love the late afternoon at this time of the year in England. The air begins to chill and turn a little damp and, as the sun fades, like a spritz from a giant atomizer, it releases all those earthy, woody, Autumnal aromas.

By the time we return the leaves will have mostly gone, and those few that cling defiantly to the trees will be dry and brown. The chestnuts will have fallen, to be squirreled away for the Winter and the deer will be bigger and less obviously “Disney”. And I will have seen such things!

As I put the dogs back into the car I stop and take another look. How lucky am I that this is my ‘everyday’? It sets the bar pretty high.

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