Statistics, Logistics … and Lists.

With 13 (!!!) Days to go, these are the statistics:

30 days

Four continents

Five time-zones

Two seasons

Eight flights

Three hire cars

Three train journeys

Two suitcases

20 kilos of luggage (each)

The logistics: flight times, boarding, cards, hotel and Air B&B bookings, car hire, train tickets etc. These are the domain of the indefatigable Mr. F. who, as I write, is updating his spreadsheets and checking exchange rates.

The lists: A list of what we have to do before we leave. A list of what I need to pack. A list of instructions for dog-carers and cat-sitters. These are my particular speciality.

The list of “what I need to pack” is beginning to look like it may exceed 20kgs. Some pruning may be required. However, come what may, the 35 pairs of M&S “Basic Briefs” will definitely make the final cut. A girl has to have her priorities straight!

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